Qianjiang Farm Integrated Service Center Project
Location: Hangzhou, China  |   Type: Complex  |   Time: 2018  |   Site  area: 6694㎡  |   Building area: 20044㎡


Block Evolution Map


Spatial Evolution Map


The Qianjiang Farm Comprehensive Service Center project is located at the Qianjiang Farm of Xiaoshan Economic Development Zone, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province. The plot is connected to Qiannong Road in the north, adjacent to Xianfeng River in the south, with residential areas in the south, east and west. The plot is narrow and the function is complex.

The program functionally covers a variety of forms, such as community health service centers, office halls, community services, conference centers, offices, and ancillary services. In the design concept, it strives to adopt three methods of functional composite, external integration, and environmental aggregation to create a reasonable space layout, convenient traffic flow lines and pleasant service environment.


The elevation design is concise and generous. It adopts the idea of "turning zero into whole". It pays attention to the contrast between reality and virtuality, highlights the solemn and concise physical attributes of public buildings. Considering the relationship between the surrounding environment and buildings, different methods are adopted to meet the basic demands of each function. The skirt part emphasizes the order through the vertical comparison between reality and virtuality. The landscape interface along the river in the north is mainly made of glass, which enhances good lighting and visual field. Along the West residential area, the privacy of the residential area is guaranteed by changing the angle of windows. In the use of color, the brown thermal insulation board is mainly used, which can not only keep consistent with the surrounding building foundation, but also achieve a good energy-saving and environmental protection effect.





Perspective of Plaza