Office project design in Qiantang New District, Hangzhou
Location: Hangzhou, China  |   Type: Office building   |   Time: 2019  |   Site area: 15874㎡  |   Building area: 46666㎡



The project is located at the commercial core area of Yipeng street, Qiantang New District, Hangzhou, North of Penghe road and west of Yipeng middle road. The plot is long and narrow, and the site is relatively flat. It is about 5.5km away from Qiantang New Area Management Committee, 6.5km away from Xiaoshan Airport, and 7.5km away from Jiangdong station of planned high-speed railway. The total land area is 15874 ㎡ with a plot ratio of 2.0.

The project consists of 2 buildings with 6 floors (2 floors on the ground and 4 floors on the top), 2 buildings with 7 floors for office and 1 building with 6 floors for business. The four office buildings are arranged in two rows of "one" shape, enclosing each other to form a central garden. Each building faces the central garden, and the green river can be seen from the west, so as to obtain the best landscape as much as possible and provide a unique display facing the city.


An independent business building is arranged at the corner of the east side of the plot, reducing the impact on the office and the central garden, and creating the atmosphere of a small square on the corner. It also establishes a direct connection with the bottom merchants on the south side, forming a straight and smooth commercial flow line.



Sunken courtyard entrance


Central Garden

Through the setting of overall scale and paying attention to the user's experience in it, the density space is released to build a three-dimensional space office with openness, variability, specificity, comfort and quality.