Commercial planning and design of the entrance to Longwangxi Town, Anji
Location: Anji, China  |   Type: Commercial buildings  |   Time: 2019  |   Site area : 8454㎡  |   Building area: 9606㎡


Block Evolution Map


The case is located at the national tourist resort of Lingfeng Street, Anji County, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, only 9 kilometers from Anji County and 2 kilometers from Xiaofeng Town. The project is located at the suburb of Anji surrounded by mountains. How to combine the terrain and the surrounding environment and use the existing resources to attract business flow, create a characteristic suburban business, and further enhance the entrance image of Longwangxi Town is a key concern in the design.

Combining the mountain terrain with the site height difference, a multi-level and rich design is created to make the project full of fun and allow the experiencer to taste the building exquisitely and for long.

Agility of the overall picture

Interface openness

The richness of space

Combining the natural largeness of the entrance plaza, bring people into the sunken plaza

Sunken commercial and leisure plaza, naturally forms a gray space, providing functional needs during peak passenger flows

Internal commercial and leisure plaza to increase fun

Reserve the possibility of long-term national road construction and form an external street-side interface

Ground Commercial Plaza, rich entrance interface

Symmetry, frame processing, preferred by photography enthusiasts


Mysterious light, wedding photography