Zhifu Plaza Commercial Project in Chengdu
Location: Chengdu, China  |   Type: Commercial   |   Time: 2018  |   Site area: 13333㎡  |   Building area: 54549㎡


The project is located at the South extension line of Hongxing Road and the intersection of planned road. On the North side, there are subway entrances and exits on the north and West sides. On the southwest side, there are urban trunk roads. On the East side, there are aviation science, technology and culture exposition centers. The surrounding roads are smooth and the traffic is convenient. Plaza and commercial street inside the site should be the activity center of the future block.

The exterior facade uses modern and minimalist as a continuation and the main method of shaping the interior design, and linear and rhythmic as the basic combination elements. The complementary relationship between the elements is used to create the variability of space, enrich the overall design and improve the business atmosphere.

Commercial Street


Elevator Hall