Scheme design of Jiaxing Economic Development Housing Project
Location: Jiaxing, China  |   Type: Residential  |   Time: 2018  |   Site area: 18082㎡  |   Building area: 46121㎡


The base is located at Jiaxing Economic and Technological Development Zone, reaches Changsheng Road in the west, Dongsheng Road in the south, kindergartens in the east and Yanjing Port in the north. The base is flat, with Shijiuyang Wetland Park on the west and northwest sides. It has good landscape resources. The project consists of 6 11-storey houses and supporting houses.


In order to give full play to its own characteristics, the elevation design intends to enhance the interaction with the outdoor landscape through large floor windows, glass balconies, terraces and so on. At the same time, it intends to reduce the noise interference through double-layer hollow glass along the main road of the city.



Highlighting specificity, privacy and integrity

In the facade design, the market acceptance and awareness are fully considered. The horizontal line is planned to achieve the feeling of a villa or a house, so that each household can form its own specificity and privacy. The exterior wall is mainly composed of a beige-white thermal insulation integrated board and aluminium alloy metal. The doors and windows are matched by dark aluminium alloy profiles and light blue glass.


Overall effect of the club


Local effect of Club