Kangya Old-Age Care Apartment in Yiyang
Location: Yiyang, China  |   Type: Old-age Real Estate  |   Site area: 116111㎡  |   Building area: 77565㎡


The base is located at the Middle-East of Yiyang City and the north of high-tech zone, relying on the good environment of Huilong Mountain Nature Reserve in Yiyang City. The project is supported by more than 60 mu Mountain Park and more than 20 mu water landscape, which is a truly "healthy garden".


The design concept integrates the existing functional system and forms a relatively independent and interrelated planning layout, which can better enhance the sense of quality, increase the street shops, and enhance the value. Take supporting for the aged as the core driving force, form complementary advantages of resources, and enhance market competitiveness. To maximize the utilization of landscape resources, we use the methods of retreat and courtyard to create a three-in-one green space, forming the infiltration of the above-ground, surface and underground landscape space. The overall elevation style is more modern, concise and with quality sense without violating the overall park style.