Commercial Complex in Cambodian
Venue: Cambodia  |   Type: Complex  |   Time: 2018  |   Site  area: 1680㎡  |   Building area: 34300㎡



● The base is close to a square, and there is a back space along the street corner. The building has 25 floors, forms an internal tangent circle, and naturally forms an entrance traffic space.

● Based on the limitation of the commercial area on the first floor, the special space of urban roads is used to increase the commercial development space.

● The main part is divided into four circles, forming a flexible shape of spiral rise, which corresponds to the sea view.

● The terrace space is formed by modeling. The commercial roof is equipped with a green platform, and the top floor forms a circular swimming pool, which echoes the sea from a distance.


The project is located at Sihanoukville, Cambodia, 240 km from Phnom Penh, the capital, and is the only seaport city and seaside resort in Cambodia. It is the most popular tourist attraction in Cambodia except for Angkor Wat, and is also an important city in one belt one road along the way.

To the west of the base is the urban green space, and to the northeast is the urban park. The base is only 400m away from the coastline, where seascape resources are unique. The site is located at the corner of the street, and the land is relatively square. The location of the project is superior. Within 500 meters, there are urban green space and urban park with rich landscape resources.

The biggest unfavorable factor of the project --- the area of the base is too small and lacks its own micro-landscape support. Living in such an environment is tedious, and boring.

How to change the status quo? Let living space innovation come to life. Create your own environment, emphasize on vertical greening, emphasize on landscape and comfort, and a living space that meets multiple functional requirements.



In the design, in order to maximize the value of the project, it is functionally arranged from the bottom up as commercial area, hotel, and apartment. It is a living space that emphasizes landscape and comfort and meets multiple functional requirements. The commercial skirt house surface is used to form a roof garden, which is used as a public communication platform. The apartment with balcony and sea view allows guests not only to have their own space, but also to have a sense of belonging in this city, as well as to have an exquisite life full of sights.