Office park in Yiyang
Location: Yiyang, China  |   Type: Office building  |   Time: 2018  |   Site  area: 12106㎡  |   Building area: 6640㎡


With the development and expansion of cities, the changes in social needs, the rapid development of science and technology, and the continuous reform of culture, people's needs for the appearance of buildings have also changed greatly. It’s necessary to meet changing social and aesthetic needs.

The project is located at Huishan Port Industrial Concentration Zone (Eastern Area). It’s on the south side of Provincial Road S206, the east side of Gangcheng Avenue, the north side of Century Avenue, and the west side is adjacent to the Bauhinia Casting Factory.

In terms of form, the office building is the link between the inside and outside of the factory. From an environmental point of view, it is the necessary transition of the human-machine environment. It must have a modern management design concept. The product testing and new product development should be practical and forward-looking, and its façade image reflects the company's sense of integrity and prosperity, forming an atmospheric, continuous and magnificent entrance to the front of the plant. The façade of the building uses real stone paint imitation stone, which reflects the spirit of modern enterprise.

Block Evolution Map


●32x22x20 cube, the form is too single 

●The inner courtyard is 16x14x20 (length, width, height), the space is somewhat suppressed 

● Reduce the height of the inner courtyard to make a 16x14x11.5 (length, width, height) inner courtyard to increase the experience

● Form a dual courtyard approach to increase the richness of space