Commercial building of Chanyuan temple in Tianmu Mountain
Location: Hangzhou, China  |   Type: Commercial building   |   Time: 2017  |   Building area: 800㎡



The project is located at Tianmushan Town, Lin'an District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, with a construction area of about 800㎡.

The whole design idea is to highlight the regional, cultural and contemporary features of the building

Regionality: local materials are mainly considered - stream stones, so that the building can be presented in the state of natural growth, hidden under the shade of trees, and seek a high degree of integration with the natural landscape.

Culture: to create its special cultural connotation by shaping the inner courtyard space.

Epochal: starting from the commercial function, the plane layout is free, flexible and interesting, forming squares, courtyards and other scattered spaces, with indoor and outdoor organic penetration, forming a large area of terrace space on the second floor, providing greater use possibilities for business.