Planning and architectural design of Xixi office project in Hangzhou
Location: Hangzhou, China  |   Type: Office building   |   Time: 2019  |   Site area: 9750㎡  |   Building area: 20741㎡


The height difference between the north and the south of the base is about 9 meters. How to deal with the terrain reasonably to reduce the excavation as much as possible, and form a unique design is the key problem in the design.



The site elevation is defined in the middle of the plot to form two plots with height difference on the north and south sides. The amount of earth excavation is reduced to facilitate the earth balance. The part along the street with a terrain height difference of 4.5-9m can be used as a 1-2-story business along the street, and the upper part can be overlapped with office functions to release density space.


The project is located at Liuxia unit of Xihu District, Hangzhou city. It starts from the red line of West Planning Station Road in the East, to the red line of Xixi road in the south, and to the red line of leisure park land in the west of planning city. The total construction land area is about 0.98 hectares. It is only 500m away from Xixi Wetland Park and close to the West Lake Scenic Area in the south. The base has unique landscape resources and superior geographical location.

Central courtyard

Inner corridor space


Courtyard space


Club entrance

Club Hall


The buildings are integrated with the surrounding environment and buildings on the urban scale. At the same time, there is a strong symbolic outstanding quality sense in local areas, echoing the ecological nature of the surrounding wetlands and leisure parks.


In the facade design, the overall concept comes from the typical double slope roof of Jiangnan architecture, adding modern curve lines. The perfect combination of modern and classical shows elegant and lively architectural image.

Main entrance space

Central courtyard landscape

Inner corridor space

Lobby space