Rural health town in Anji
Location: Anji, China  |   Type: Health Town  |   Time: 2017  |   Site area: 47600㎡  |   Building area: 33350㎡


Returning to nature is the dream of people in modern cities. If passers-by are nostalgic for picturesque landscapes, they will desire a quiet journey to walk. The pastoral town of Anji tianyuan health town in the landscape is the carrier of realizing this dream. Create a lingering landscape, or pastoral, or mountain, or forest, or riverside.

Here you can enjoy the idyllic atmosphere in the air, the blue sky reflected in the lake, and you can feel the warm sunshine and comfortable life. This is a paradise for enjoying nature and embracing nature. It is also a shelter for you to experience life and open wisdom.


The main entrance of the clubhouse strengthens the orientation and annotation of the entrance through the large-scale and sequential water-overlapping combination space. The sound of falling underwater from far to near brings the unlimited fantasy to the guests who are about to come to the hotel. Water desires everything but fame and wealth, representing a humanitarian state of mind, which is also what this club wants to bring to people.


The entrance hall and stairs connecting the entrance to the clubhouse fully interpret the natural qualities of the mountains, springs and rain in Yangchun, and the quietness of the water and stones, movement and stillness, is moistened and inherited, which is beautiful.

Entrance space

Inner courtyard space

Side elevation effect