"Yichuang Center" in Haining Cloth Art Town
Location: Haining, China  |   Type: Start-up Town  |   Time: 2017  |   Site  area: 37931㎡  |   Building area: 91100㎡


Block Evolution Map


Haining textile industry has a long history. As early as in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, cloth produced in Chang'an and Xiashi was known as "sea cloth" and enjoyed a good reputation in the south of the Yangtze River. The project is located at Xucun Town (Linhang New District) of Haining City, in the westernmost end of Haining City, and adjacent to Yuhang District of Hangzhou City. It is the bridgehead of Haining connecting Shanghai and Hangzhou.


Our inspiration comes from Xucun's own natural environment and historical culture. We will use nature and culture to create a new urban center and provide an opportunity for a balanced and harmonious modern working life style.


Unique integration of office buildings, apartments, creative work and business will make the city full of business and vitality from early morning to late night. These buildings will be organized into a series of public facilities, providing an attractive environment. Through the outdoor garden square connected by waterways, people can have the feeling of returning to nature. Open work and living space will provide a better life and work experience.



"Yichuang Center" will be the "soul" of Xucun Home Textile, the "landmark" of Linhang New Area and the "node" of the integration of production and city. If Haining China's home textile city represents the past and present of Xucun's home textiles, then the home textile headquarters "Yichuang Center" leads the future of Xucun's home textiles.