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Recruitment Email:hr@utarchitects.cn
  • Architecture Intern
    Long-term recruitment of undergraduate or master students


    1. Undergraduate or Master of Architecture students; 

    2. Strong hands-on ability, with teamwork awareness, we offer at least three months of full-time internship, and the opportunity to contact and participate in all aspects of the actual project; 

  • Project architect
    4 people Bachelor degree or above with 3 ~ 5 year or above work experience


    1. Bachelor degree or above in architecture and related design majors, with 3-5 years of professional design experience in various types of high-quality projects; excellent design feeling and form ability; 

    2. Able to lead the team to comprehensively coordinate the design of the plan, the design of the expansion, and the design of the construction drawings at the back end; 

    3. Familiar with domestic building codes and the cooperation of various professions, master the plan review and approval process, and have a clear view of time and control over the organization of the project; 

    4. Proficient in using software such as AutoCAD, Sketch Up, Adobe CS and Microsoft Office; 

    5. Love design, full of passion, have a professional spirit of pursuing pioneering, meticulous and professional; have good physical and psychological qualities; have excellent communication skills, can communicate with the owner independently; 

    6. Willing to participate in the design and management of the firm for a long time, grow together with the firm and become the backbone. 

  • Assistant Architect
    Recruiting 3 people Bachelor degree or above Five year or above working experience


    1. Bachelor degree or above in architecture and related design, at least 1 year work experience; 

    2. As an assistant architect, can assist in the completion of scheme design or deepening project design; 

    3. Proficient in drawing software, with good design ability and expressiveness, can express design ideas by hand; 

    4. Good communication skills and team spirit, able to accept business trips or on-site supervision; 

    5. With enthusiasm for design, passion, and excellent physical and psychological qualities.