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Function and Function of Landscape Architecture in Lifeng Island

Landscape architecture is one of the architectural types. At the same time, landscape architecture is different from the general meaning. Landscape architecture covers a relatively wide range, including garden buildings in urban or rural parks and scenic spots. Landscape Architecture in the form of Lifeng Island Landscape Architecture. No matter which kind of landscape architecture has a certain relationship with the environment, it has a positive significance to improve people's life and living environment.

Different types of landscape architecture have different forms, contents and functions, but they are closely related to the natural landscape environment. They have direct or indirect effects on the environmental quality of scenic spots and people's living and living environment.

The Landscape Architecture of Lefeng Island has the function of seeing the scenery. The so-called view refers to people in one place, but can enjoy the beauty of other places. Landscape buildings are usually built in scenic areas where people can enjoy the surrounding scenery and provide a place for people who want to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Lengfeng Island.

The steel structure landscape architecture with characteristics of the landscape architecture of Lifeng Island is a basic type of architecture. Landscape architecture is located in the original scenic area with beautiful scenery and elegant taste, which makes the landscape more beautiful and pleasant. Because landscape architecture can provide people with places to rest and play, make beautiful scenic spots more attractive and increase their humanized settings.

China's landscape is colorful and unique. In the landscape, architecture not only has a powerful use function, but also can form an independent landscape with the environment. It has a positive impact on the creation of landscape.

The Landscape Architecture of Lefeng Island has the function of guiding the route.  In most scenic spots and gardens, landscape architecture not only beautifies the environment, but also guides the tourist routes. Landscape architecture can be used as landscape sequence and theme. This is an effective means. In the landscape environment, the scattered distribution of landscape architecture usually takes place along the main tourist routes. Not only are the roads decorated with scenery, but people also like places for sightseeing and rest, as well as tourist routes. Organic connections control the direction of people's tours, as well as the organization of transportation, the allocation of personnel, and the connection between decentralized and independent landscapes. It can be seen that landscape architecture has the function of guiding the route.

Landscape architecture plays a positive role in improving China's environment. People can not do without landscape architecture. Therefore, it is necessary to clearly and comprehensively understand the functions and functions of landscape architecture, give full play to its functions and functions, so that landscape architecture can play the greatest role in the process of environmental improvement and better development in China.

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