UT.Architects was established in Shanghai in 2016. Adhering to the architectural philosophy of "learn from nature", it is based on the local community and is driven by customer needs and cutting-edge development concepts. It sets creating the first level architecture of "profession, innovation, excellence, integrity" as the goal. 

The company mainly provides comprehensive and professional residential, commercial, public building and other types of civil architectural design for the government, developers, and enterprises. The business mainly includes urban planning, architectural design, interior design, prefabricated architectural design, landscape design, technology consulting, research and development of new residential products. It provides asset management services such as building renovation, old-age housing design, and strategic consulting for urban renewal. 

At present, the main service owners are Yuanzhou Group, Tianhe Group, Nanjun Real Estate, Junshun Real Estate, Hebei Jingxin Real Estate, Dongtai Xintiandi, Hong Kong Resort International Limited, Nanyi Real Estate, Hunan Kangya Hospital, Xuzhou Xianghe Real Estate and other well-known enterprises. 

It is hoped that through the company's elite design team, refer to the international service model, scientifically coordinate the new service model of “consultation, design, technology, and management”, and provide innovative and economical solutions for different urban construction projects according to local conditions.